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  • Updates to 2018 Tests

    There are no longer tests in Grade 9 for any alternate assessment students. Please see the Age and Grade Reference Sheet for the delivered tests, or see the TAM additional details about the make up of the individual tests.

    Added January 12, 2018
  • Technology Training Webinar Now Available

    A recorded version of the Technology Training Webinar is available on the Portal. The webinar is divided into two parts. Please watch them in order. From the Portal homepage, click on Resources and then navigate to the Training Resources Folder.

    Added December 15, 2017
  • Process Document for Students Without a Mode of Communication Now Available

    A process document detailing a sample procedure of how districts determine if a student has no observable mode of communication is now available on the Portal. From the Portal homepage, click on Resources and navigate to the Testing Support Documents folder.

    Added December 1, 2017
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