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Now Showing Resource Section: Test Administration Resources - Testing Support Documents

Resource Description

Use the Student Placement Questionnaire to determine the starting and stopping task for SC-Alt Social Studies students.

Use these worksheets to record students’ responses as you administer the tests. Student responses recorded here must be entered into the Data Entry Interface (DEI). This optional score worksheet will not be scored.

These documents assist with determining whether a student taking the SC-NCSC assessments has no observable mode of communication.

These Agreements to Maintain Test Security and Confidentiality provide detailed test security information and administration guidelines. All school and district personnel who may have access to South Carolina Alternate Assessment materials or to the location in which the materials are securely stored must sign either the Agreement to Maintain Test Security and Confidentiality form for DTCs-Alt and STCs or Test Administrators, Second Raters, and monitors before accessing the materials. The DTC‐Alt is responsible for collecting the signed agreements and storing them for three years. Through validating the Test Administrator Security Affidavit in TIDE, TAs, monitors, and second raters are confirming that test procedures, including those outlined in the Agreement to Maintain Test Security and Confidentiality, has been followed. More information on validating the Test Administrator Security Affidavit can be found in the TAM.


This document is designed to provide guidance on possible testing scenarios that DTCs-Alt may encounter with students who participate in the South Carolina Alternate Assessments, such as:

  • Students receiving services outside their enrolled (reported) districts
  • Students who move districts

For students who are assessed outside of their enrolled district, the enrolled district’s DTC-Alt will create the TA account (and second rater account, if applicable) for the person who will administer the test. The enrolled district’s DTC-Alt will have the TA and second raters sign the Attending TA Affidavit, ensuring that the attending district’s personnel will not abuse their ability to view student information for students in the enrolled school.